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iPhone or iPad
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How to find and view Executive Talks on your

1. Open YouTube on the iPhone
2. Tap Search, then tap the YouTube search field
3. Type tcpip001, then tap Search
4. Select an episode

Executive Talks is available globally at anytime on your iPhone, Android phone. tablet, PC and your Apple TV.
You can also listen to Executive Talks on your iPod or iTunes.
Apple TV
The only thing better than Executive talks on the
computer screen is Executive Talks on the big

With the sound coming through your home theater
speakers, Executive Talks is amplified to a whole
new level.

How to find Executive talks on your Apple TV:

1. Select YouTube
2. Select Search
3. Type tcpip001
4. Select an episode
How to find Executive talks on YouTube:

1. Open a web browser
Go to Executive Talks YouTube Channel
3. Select an episode
Android Phone or Tablet
Play high-quality Executive Talks videos on many
devices, including Android,  iPhone, and Palm Pre.

How to find and view Executive Talks on your
Android Phone or HoneyComb Tablet:

1. Open the YouTube app
2. Press the Search icon
3. Type tcpip001
4. Press the Search icon again
5. Select an episode and enjoy
iPod + iTunes
Catch up on Executive Talks. There are Executive
Talks podcasts with prime ministers, Nobel
Laureates, CEO's, entrepreneurs and innovators.

How to listen to the Executive Talks podcast in

1. Open iTunes
2. Click iTunes Store
3. Type tcpip001 in the Search field
4. Double click the podcast icon
5. Select an episode and enjoy